Our Coronavirus Policy

We will be open from Monday 13th July. 

Booking your appointment can be via phone, text, email, and social media. Please do not knock on the door to make an appointment.

If either of us feel ill or have symptoms of Covid-19, we will self-isolate immediately and close the salon. This means that we may have to cancel your appointment at short notice. We appreciate that this may be inconvenient but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled you will be able to re-book again as soon as we re-open.

If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of C0VlD-19 – please advise us as soon as possible and DO NOT COME TO THE SALON FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. We have amended our booking terms and conditions and you will not be charged for any appointments which you miss due to illness.

Visiting the Salon

– Please wear a face covering or mask to your appointment. If you do not have one you can purchase a mask.

– We ask that you attend your appointments on your own.

– Please bring as few items as possible to your appointment. We will have an area for your personal belongings.

– Please do not turn up early or late for appointments. We will be carrying out extra cleaning between clients.

– We will ask all clients to use the hand washing station on arrival.

– You will be asked to fill in a Covid health questionnaire at every appointment.

 – You will not be able to use the toilet during this period.

– Please don’t bring any food to your appointment. We will not be offering any refreshments.

– We would prefer if you could pay for your treatment by card or in advance using bank transfers. We will still accept cash but please bring the correct amount.

We will not be able to offer any treatments that are carried out of the face. This includes:

Facial waxing

Facial threading


Facial treatments

Microdermabrasion facial treatments